You’ve invested in a beautiful new floor and we want to help you protect your investment. All floor coverings require care and maintenance to look and perform their best. The fact is, the price of failing to clean and maintain flooring is much higher than the time and effort required to actually perform the maintenance. We recommend the following suggestions to prolong the life of your SPC flooring:

Dry & Wet Cleaning

  • Always remove dirt, grit, etc. from the floor to avoid scratching.

  • Vacuum with a hard floor attachment – do not use a rotary brush vacuum.

  • Dry mop daily (more often if needed).

  • Clean up spills immediately or risk permanent staining.

  • Periodic wet cleaning is necessary to help maintain the floor’s appearance. Always pre-vacuum or dust mop before wet cleaning. Use a microfiber mop pad with a pH neutral cleaner. Abrasive or chemical cleaners will damage the vinyl.

  • Do not use Vinegar, “Mop and Shine” products, Soap Based Detergents or Oil Soaps, Abrasive Cleaners or Compounds, Floor Wax, Vacuum with a rotating beater bar, One-step cleaner/polishes, Steam mops, Harsh scouring or buffing pads or tools.

  • Do not soak or saturate the floor.

  • Do not wax or refinish the SPC.

General SPC Protection

  • Always lift and carry furniture – do not drag furniture or heavy items across the floor.

  • Use wide floor protectors (furniture cups/felt pads) under chairs, tables, and heavy objects.

  • Use mats outside of entranceways to trap dirt, sand, asphalt, driveway sealer, grit, oil, etc.

  • Mats placed on SPC should not have rubber or latex backing to prevent discoloration.

  • Window coverings are necessary in direct sunlight, as SPC may discolor or buckle under prolonged exposure to the sun.

  • Avoid the use of stiletto heels on your floor as they can cause permanent damage.

  • Cover SPC flooring near fireplaces and open flame sources and near any extremely hot items.

We do not recommend acid cleaning any of our products.

Any effort to remove grout haze with an acid-based product should be cautiously undertaken by a professional contractor or cleaning company and utilizing extreme caution. Improper use of acids can damage the tile and might result in discoloration of the glaze.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Happy Floors representative.


Happy Floors provides the information contained herein to our customers as an information source only. We do not manufacture or supply any installation or cleaning products. Please consult with the manufacturer of the products you are planning on using for proper handling and application instructions. We will not be held liable for any damage caused by any care or maintenance products applied to tiles.